Unique Gift Ideas for Girlfriend: Personalized Gift for Birthday

There’s this girl who I sort of grew a crush on during summer.
 Girlfriend Personalized Gift for Birthday We went to the same high school but never talked to each other, to be honest I didn’t even know her period. We have worked together for the past two summers but only started talking and hanging out this summer, but it was never like a one-on-one thing, it was always hanging out in groups.

Unique gift ideas for girlfriend birthday

During the summer it was strange she would always give me a genuine smile (never one of those fake big smile) whenever I saw her at work and say hi to me. Sometimes I would catch her glancing at me as well. Only when I started talking to her I found out she was really laid back, funny, and smart which are the most important traits to me.

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Now that summer had finished I moved away from home to go back to school and she ended up going to school about 40 minutes away from me so we kept talking. We have partied a few times together and we went to a Halloween haunt thing with a group and she seemed to want to cling on to me the whole time but she does come off as a semi-shy girl at times. Me, I hate coming off too strong so I tried to divide my time evenly with everyone who went to the Halloween thing.

Now I asked her a couple of days ago if she wanted to hang out with me today (sunday) and she agreed but I ended up having to work today so it completely ruined my plans. And it sucks because she goes to school tues-sat and I mostly work weekends.

I texted her this morning apologizing and saying I had to work today so I had to cancel our plans. She agreed and said its alright. I told her it was not alright and that I was going to make up for it. She jokingly said you better. So I figured that was an alright sign considering I just bailed on her.

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So my plan from the beginning was to take her to the aquarium and maybe lunch or dinner depending on the time of day. I’m pretty set on the aquarium because I think that would be a fun place to take a girl. And besides I’m pretty sure I remember her saying she wanted to go to the aquarium when we were talking before.

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My only question is should it be lunch or dinner on the date? And I told her I would make it up to her, so I was gonna get her one of the cheaper edible arrangements (which is still like $15-$24), but I wanted to keep the aquarium a secret so I never told her where we were going.
So should I just buy her aquarium ticket and lunch or dinner (which I was planning on doing anyway) and say that was the surprise, or should I get her the edible arrangement thing on top of the aquarium and lunch or dinner because I said I was going to make it up to her?

One thing is I don’t like coming off too strong so would an edible arrangement be too forward or be a cute gesture in saying sorry for bailing last week?

A single rose is best gift

A single rose is best but anything else such as a candle or Champagne that you suggest is a little too much. if a guy gave me a candle on the first date i would think it’s weird. my husband gave me 2 dozen roses on our first date and told me they were buy one dozen.
Don’t go to dinner on first date. It will make you nervous. Go to some place fun where you can be at ease instead of being nervous