Talking to girlfriend about relationship and marriage

I have been talking to this girl for about a month but I have known her for a little longer than that. I really liked this girl and I started talking to her more and more. We started to hang out together and catch a movie and what not. We hung out a couple times and it was going good.
 Talking to girlfriend about relationship and marriage We started texting/calling each other just about every day just to see how their day was and what’s going on and the conversations were great each participating and talking… When we hung out I never made a move on her because I wasn’t sure that’s what she wanted and i wanted to be respectful, because I really liked her.

Showing interest talking to girlfriend everyday

One night I went out with her to a bar and we were drunk and she told my friends she was just waiting for me to make a move. She was very aggressive with touching and feeling so iI thought she really likes me and that I don’t have to worry about her not. I kissed her goodnight and for the next week we talked every day. She couldn’t come because she got sick but wanted to see me in a couple days.

Talking to girlfriend everyday about trivial things

She texted me that she wanted me to come over to her house and meet her parents on Friday. I went over there and met her parents it went well even though she wasn’t feel 100% yet. Well I thought in my mind this is working out and were going in the right direction.
Is she not interested any-more now or is she trying to play hard to get? I let my guard down with her and started having strong feelings, so I’m just kind of hurt and really confused. Did I try to move to fast, because I thought I gave her plenty of time and she was showing interest and saying things of “I want to hang out with you tonight, or can’t wait till Friday to see you?”

Is she not interested any-more now or is she trying to play hard to get?

Sounds like she is busy at work. That’s it. And maybe still tired from being sick. STOP texting! That is so non-committal, try giving her a call after work hours and ask her if she wants to go out to lunch or dinner the next day. I think you are merely experiencing the joys of texting as communication.
She probably is busy and tired and forgets to text you because she hasn’t relaxed since before she was sick. Give her a call or swing by work with an offer of coffee or something. IN PERSON, no more texting, I know a lot of girls that assume texting means you are only interested in convenience and partying.
Any emotions that are released at a bar when you’re drinking should never be considered. Texting is too impersonal, ladies prefer face to face contact with a guy they are interested in.