Seducing men: How can you get a man out of the friend zone?

I’m not sure whether a guy who I know for some time likes me as more than a friend or not. For instance, when I bring up other guys he turns weird, and either stops talking or puts the guy down, depending on how much he knows about him.
When we are out at the clubs he dances with me more than anyone else, he sits very close to me so that we are touching, he talks to me on everyday, sometimes several times a day, he text messages me, he comes to some of my classes, when we are talking in a group of friends he will often just talk directly to me, looking into my eyes.

One of our friends said that she thinks that he does like me, but that she thinks that he is not good enough for me there are a few catches,
1) He has just started dating a new girl, however, he rarely mentions her a group of us (our other friends as well),
2) He talks about other girls to me.

How can a person get out of the friend zone?

How can you get a man out of the friend zone If you are really keen on this guy and want to be with him no matter what then you will need to put on your thickest skin and go for it. By going for it I mean working your way into his life despite all the reasons that he may throw at you e.g. avoiding you in the hall, running away on line etc. You will need to endure all that and initiate conversation / try to get him to go to outings / hang out with him whenever and wherever you can. Even if he says no dozens of times to go out, eventually he will have to say yes.

Whilst this approach will take a considerable amount of effort and fortitude to pull off it could very well pay of in the end. Note however that by going for it it should be taken into context with his well being in mind.
If you see that he is really angry about it or feels distressed then you should not continue to push it further.

Stay out of the friend zone with a guy?

You should only continue being persistent if you see that he is able to handle it with a good spirit. If not then it might very well be time to call it a day and to start looking for another guy. Even though we might not want to let a person we like go, more often than not we do not have a choice in the matter because the ball is not in our court.

He’s sending you signs of interest in his own way. The same reason that you consider him off-limits (because he dated your friend) could be the same reason that is preventing him from asking you out. In that he is very fond of you and considers you a special friend there is no doubt. Considering that he doesn’t want you to meet his girlfriend sounds to me like he isn’t a very open person and perhaps he values you so much because you are one of the few people that gets him / understands him.

How to friend zone a guy without being obvious about it?

It seems to be some kind of mutual attraction there. As for why he doesn’t act upon it, he most likely knows it is questionable because he dated your friend. Also he might just think that friends are as good as it gets because you don’t show any signs of anything else. In reality you should just ask him something about it because he is asking you to pick out clothes for him if he doesn’t say, Help me pick out an outfit for my date this weekend and just wants you to pick something out. It is solely because he wants get something that pleases you.

Just ask him discretely one day as you guys are drinking at the club and just talking ask, Hey < his name > , have you ever thought about us as more then friends something to that effect. Bring it up casually. He will either lie or be obvious about it or he will be honest and tell you. Then again if you’re not at all interested I really would just leave it alone.