Relationship advice: commit to or attempt any relationship in the workplace?

Question: I got passionately interested in a woman who’s my superior at work. She compliments me everyday and looks more then just kind paying attention to my words opinions bound a colleague should usually do. I’m afraid that my male colleagues might notice that our relationship is heading beyond just usual kindness.

What if she proposes me to go out, should I take her offer or turn her down because it might prevent me from working there afterwards.

Why do women take breaks between relationships?

Why do women take breaks between relationships? What you need to do is determine what she values in a relationship. Example: trust, respect, loyalty, honesty, etc. and let her know what you value in a relationship. That way you can decide if that’s what you both want or not. Also, state your values too so she’ll know how to make you happy. And if she’s too self-centered to try to make you happy considering your effort, then she is not worth your time. You may choose to expect her to be forthright and honest at all times, as long as you remember that she’s human, and likely to have her own issues.

What makes office romances particularly problematic is not the actual getting together part but Office romance: what does woman’s body language mean? rather the breaking up aspect should things go sour. To this extent a man should think carefully before he commit to or attempt any relationship in the workplace.
As you can probably guess it would be very difficult to prevent the breakup from spilling over to the work area. If the relationship ended up amicably then that would be alright but if it ended up badly then things could turn out quite ugly indeed.

Dumping you nicely without hurting your feelings

The only other option then would be for one of the party to be transferred to another area or for someone to find another job elsewhere. It’s true that you both need to be cautious since you work together but I do not see why you cannot come up with some form of an agreement to always remain friends no matter what.
Perhaps one of you can even try to move to a different section within the company just to make things easier? Anything is really possible so think carefully about how you feel and what you want to do and go for it.

To this extent would you be prepared to deal with the consequences should things turn out badly? This might be a question that you both need to ask yourselves should you decide to get together! Having said that however there is no reason why you cannot think positively of getting together as a couple. You and her both get along famously and being friends prior to a relationship can have many benefits.

Do not let yourself love someone that will not return the love

If she is free and available then you might be just what she needs in her life. So many lifelong relationships started at work, college. If you share interests are compatible persons why not trying it? She might have asked you as a friend back then but things can change and have changed. Just as you didn’t really see her as a girlfriend back then your opinion of her has now changed. Therefore there is no reason why she could not think of you as a potential romantic partner.

Since you don’t really know how she feels about you at the moment, why don’t you plan some more outings with her? Perhaps plan for a weekend away together and see if anything can come out of it? Sometimes things will develop naturally without you both needing to utter any words. The more time that you spend together the more of an idea you will get if she is interested in you or not. All you can do is really try and then wait to see what happens.