Who keeps a crush on someone longer: men or women?

Question: I have been crushing on a man where I work, but I am shy to approach him in fear that he might reject me and I’ll feel like a fool having to see him at work everyday. But! I am completely attracted to this guy.

I noticed that he sees me from a far, but as soon as we walk pass each other he looks the other way, or looks down and doesn’t give me eye contact. But then my friend saw him with his arm around the girl who seems to be romantically involved. What could this mean? And should I take the risk of approaching him?

Asking out a workmate

Who keeps a crush on someone longer: men or women He acts this way because he finds you attractive. However, you have evidence that he has a girlfriend. Having a girlfriend doesn’t make him blind to other attractive women. He is right not to approach you if you have a love partner. It sounds like he is just admiring you but realizes he should not try to get to know you. Since you have evidence he has a girlfriend, leave that alone. Enjoy the attention, but do not expect more.

You put one foot in front of the other and walk up to him with a smile, make eye contact and say hello. Make it a point to not try and get a date out of it. Just be pleasant and think you are help spreading smiles. You should be able to find something interesting about this man before you speak, try complementing him on it. If you spend the time to do above, you should learn how to make people feel comfortable. If it works, start by being comfortable yourself.

Flirting behavior: how to break out of shyness?

It is attractive if you approach a man wanting to learn more about what makes him interesting rather than wanting to pick him up. There are many small signs by which one person indicates attraction to another. Some are obvious, some are not, but they all make their mark.

As for impressing a man: don’t bother. Just be yourself. If you feel good about yourself you will project this. Talk about your interest (if you don’t have some, get some).

Who keeps a crush on someone longer, men or women?

Having a crush is normal. Just because someone is married doesn’t mean they lose the ability to appreciate someone else.
The difference is that a married man (a real man) would acknowledge the feeling and maybe even have a comment or two about it, but, he would tell his wife about it. Not keep it a secret If it’s innocent.

If the wife, a real woman, trusts her husband then all is good. The crush will eventually die out and no-one is traumatized.