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In Topic: I Feel Like Im Destined To Be Alone

16 March 2012 - 09:25 PM

Guy one of the errors that boys like you always made is starting to look for girls. This one is not looked for. Do not go for girl this can not be attended. 2, you will never attract someone till you have what that last one is needing that means you need to be a giver not reciever. Do not feel sorrowful because you can not find someone to give love to. Girls dont like this. Be confident. Perharps you will need to change the way you dressed up, approach them that you they can accept to be with you. Come back and let know if there is the need of improving your skill.

In Topic: What Are Girls Interested For In Guys?

16 March 2012 - 09:04 PM

First of all find out to know the girl you want to be with defining the qualities you would she has. After you find her try to underderstand what will make her personally happy. There is no specific answer for you question due that every girls are in relationship for their personal reason which can be different from one to others. Nonetheless if you could be romantic, sensual, confident sush kind you would be like perfect for someone who really is after good date.

In Topic: How To Let A Girl Know You Like Them

16 March 2012 - 08:51 PM

There is no complication in flirting or sayin g to a girl you love her. Just say to her you are a admirator. Simple enough to keep her attention. Is not is? Do you want to know how to make she accept you when after you have just said it to?
This is another thing that requires maybe some tips to better make a girl fall in lov with you.
1, Make sure she knows you and
2, she realises you are interested in her person.

Do not be shy nor sound greeny.

In Topic: Trying To Start A Relationship

16 March 2012 - 08:11 PM

Let me emphasise with the last question first. No. It is never too late to well act. Whatever you want can be achieved if, if only you know the "how" to make things happen. What you must know is girls react facing to that kind of situation according to
1, their mental atittude. You bet? During so long a girl can fall in love with someone but does not want to or can not express heself.
2, All this may be based on their education level.
Now what you gonna do is to be a bit more confident even concerned to her reactions making her understand how inconfortable are so you with her behavior.
3, Instead of declaring to her what you want for you both seek for a way to make she tells you what she invloves from.
If you need some tips to make she speak feel free to let me know.

In Topic: I Havent Had A Date With A Girl Before So This Is My First Time

16 March 2012 - 07:53 PM

Very good Bud. Nice answer. One of the things hackemu must understand in his specific situation is that dating is like playing. To what I am reffering to this? Even if it is a game there are plenty of rules you must dominate to be in the confort zone. There is a signal behind the story that you have to know. it is not nessecary to be true but evidences prove many girls acting like this are "easy made girl". Chances are you too early discorver who she is otherwise what would happen if you accepted relationing yourself with her without the knowing of her personality. She unfortunately could not talk with you due she was busy. I do not mean with other boys but, you know...
If you have courages enough or just want not to give up convincing she is with whom might you be ask for a second occasion, or question why could not she come to the appoinment even answer you knowing that things can change but always remember that if it could pass in one time it can be in other one.