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In Topic: Dating Or Now? Is He Interested In Me?

28 August 2011 - 02:50 PM

Thank you for the advice. It is really hard though, I really like him. He is just so different from other people I have been with. I never expected him to be that way either. It was not really the advice I was hoping for lol... but I guess you are right. I read something in the forums about getting over your ex, most of the things written there, I think he does. Like for instance, he doesn't like to talk about her much. Which means he has all those emotions inside of him, and he does not wish to pour it out. As the list states, he did not get her out of his system yet, and it seems he does have her stored up. Also, I think he keeps a lot of stuff, because the few times I have been around them, like in the lines at Harry Potter, she had asked him if he had some of her CDs... so yeah, I believe that he is not over her either.

Do you think I should continue seeing him, while keeping a friendship and looking elsewhere, and whenever he is ready, if I have not moved on, give him a chance? My cousin has suggested this to me. I don't know how that would work though, or do you think it is best i just put him in the friend zone as you said, and probably stop spending so much time with him?