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I'm So Lost And Confused With A Girl I Love

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#1 Hesham_3del



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Posted 21 April 2012 - 12:54 PM

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I used to talk about here about a girl which I had a crush on and I love her

We had too much eye contact and she was concentrating with me while I was chatting with my friend and sat behind once in the class and asked me a question

I was somehow seeing that she is attracted to me, and the problem is that I didn't have the push to talk her, but at last I talked.


She is with me in the Deutsche class and I'm making notes for our final exam, I asked my friend to introduce me to her

I talked with her and she gave me her mobile number in case I need help with the notes.


After, I got her e-mail.

I'm making the notes for the whole class and I'm going to share it, so I told them to show up a paper and to write their e-mails so that I share the notes with them.

She was the 1st one to write her e-mail and wrote her name beside the e-mail although the e-mail contains her e-mail.


She was absent from the class the week before our last class, I told her if you want the notes now I can grab it, she told me yes please.

The TA "Teacher Assistant" was checking them and told me 15 min. and you can get it, I called her and told her can you wait to get them, told me sorry, I leaving the college after 10 min.

Are you coming on Saturday "today", I told her yes, then OK, I will call you to get them, OK,OK, bye, bye


1) She didn't call ?!!

2) I have a feeling, I have the feeling that she doesn't want me now, was I too late as she waited for me too much ?!

3) What is my next move, shall I just sit and wait till I meet her or waiting for her call, shall I call her ?!

4) If you have anything you want to add, please add and help me out


#2 Bud



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Posted 30 April 2012 - 12:41 PM

Dear Hesham_3del

Putting this in context you were 'only' organising an exchange of notes for school work. So it's way too early to assume that she doesn't like you. She probably has no idea that you like her so since she is not a mind reader you should not start jumping to conclusions everytime that you interact with her. Try keeping calm under this situation otherwise it will be too easy for your mind to jump into despair. Find a way to tell her that you like her. Get your feelings out into the open and then you can deal with whatever happens afterwards. At the present point in time your hurting yourself by wasting precious energies on assumptions.

Good luck with it - Bud.

#3 datingmartins



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Posted 25 May 2012 - 07:59 PM

Just make sure you are calm a little bit more. Watch her little more. If you discover she has feeling towards you, then make the first move, tell her your intentions and feelings

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