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How Do Overcome My Fear Of Approaching Women?

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#1 David



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Posted 01 November 2011 - 10:05 PM

Master The Fine Art of Talking to Women?

What should you look for to know whether he/she's truthful and suitable mate for you? Date a woman on par with you. As in don't reach out of your league.

How to Start and Keep The Conversation Going?

How to lead casual conversation with a romantic spark? Aspects of flirting that distinguish it from the ordinary courtesy. What are attraction turn-offs for most people?

How to Talk to Women Without Seeming Desperate?

How to find something in common to talk about? What kind of signs do girls give you when they're interested? Follow this advice and eventually you will have to work on figuring out which girls you want to keep.

I don’t know what's going on with me but my sex/romance life is just downright terrible. I was the exact opposite of what I was when I was like 13 and below. It seems like the older I got, the more scared I got.

I am extremely shy and timid around women. Even when I’m drunk, it only helps to an extent but it doesn’t give me full confidence all the way.
I just broke my virginity last year with a woman who seems to have borderline personality disorder, she’s very emotionally abusive. I’ve been hanging out with her for like 4 years and the only reason I’m still hanging out with her is because I’m shy to approach new women to.

This particular woman was the one that approached me when we first met, which was why I had to confidence to hang out with her but obviously, I was just a target of her manipulation.
I am so angry and frustrated with myself for not having the confidence to approach women. Why did I have to turn 27 to break my virginity?

How do I overcome this fear of approaching women? I seriously need a woman in my life, the sooner the better because I’m tired of hanging out with this ridiculous excuse for a human being.

#2 Heart_Break_Kid



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Posted 05 November 2011 - 09:09 PM

Okay firstly you should not look down and hate on your friend. Sometimes things happen in our lives that just cause us to be a certain way. I don't think she meant to hurt you in anyway.

As for approaching women, there are several things you could do. Like what I began doing, I would go to the mall alone, and whenever is ee a girl in a store, just smile and be like good afternoon etc. I began doing it around campus. I didnt meet anyone, but it helped me feel comfortable talking around them. I went from just whispering hello, to actually saying it clear enough for them to hear. You have to just be confident, and those steps could help. Simple hellos to begin with.

Also, another fear could be that you are afraid of rejection. and we all are. The trick with rejection is to shove that out of your mind. You have to tell yourself you are an amazing person, if someone rejects you, it is their loss, and dont hate them, view it as a good thing, cause it means the right one is still out there, and you're not wasting your time.

I know the mentality sounds a bit arrogant, but you have to just remember to not doubt yourself. Try to be confident. Some will like you for who you are, some will not. You be confident in yourself. Its like anything you do, you don't start off perfect at it... you will be new to it, make mistakes embarass yourself haha, but in time you figure out how to do it.

Just try to be yourself, because you want someone liking you for you, and not for someone else.

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