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Success in relationships, i've never had a long-term one and had very few short-term one

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Posted 06 April 2011 - 09:20 PM

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Hi there, firstly to start out i don't have much success in relationships, i've never had a long-term one and had very few short-term ones :(

Yesterday i was in the hospital and got seen by a very attractive trainee doctor. She was very kind etc and she seemed quite chatty and i also seemed to be able to talk comfortably with her (something which doesn't normally happen with me and women that i'm attracted to). Anyway after walking out of the room after the appointment i really regret not leaving a number or something to keep in touch, however i did clock her name (as it was something fairly unusual), and was just wondering if it is too freaky to search for her on facebook or i should just leave it this time :P?

I really am quite useless when it comes to women and finding ways to keep in touch after the first time we meet, i'm not really sure how to also give her my number without sounding too pushy :P So any other advice would be welcomed :)

Many thanks,

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