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Friendly Guy, Seems Interested In Girlfriend!

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Posted 29 January 2011 - 05:14 AM

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Hey guys, i cant find the last post i made here where i was discussing something similar, about this guy in my girlfriend's class. Who was very charming, flirty, and had all the girls head over heels for him, including her lol. I am not really the jealous type, she has a lot of guy friends, and she goes out with all of em sometimes, and I trust her, and I know she trusts me too. With this guy, I am growing a bit wary.

To begin with, he spends a lot of time with her... more so that her other CLOSER guy friends... *beep* EVEN MORE THAN ME!!! THE BOYFRIEND!!! He is always around lately, always in the library with her, going to lunch, all sort of things. Her girl friends are usually with them, but on occassion, they are alone. They are doing some creative writing course, that requires a pair, and well the two of them are in a group. They spend a lot of time working on it, so i understand to that aspect.

The other day, I was free, all my friends had classes, so I went to the mall to stroll a bit, i got a bite to eat, watched a movie! I HAPPENED TO BOUNCE EM UP!! Turns out, they got bored working on the essay, and they decided to just go hang out somewhere. I was cool with it, i mean, yeah, she has her own life, she doesnt need to tell me everything she does, but she usually mentiones things like that lol. I know, its a friend too, but i mean... her other friends, she wud usually drop a text like, "hey hun, i am going out with a couple of friends, see you later!" And i usually do the same, ESPECIALLLY WHEN I AM GOING OUT WITH GIRL FRIENDS lol.

When she saw me in the mall though, she did her usual cute little smile she always does for me. And I know deep down, its nothing. But the guy.... HE IS SOOOOO CHARMING AND SWEET. The dude was like opening all the doors for her and stuff lol. I ended up walking with them, but... its like, he was racing me to it!! lol. Ok no, not like that, but he was sort of doing those stuff, and she seemed to really be encouraging the flirting, cause she was like, aww soo sweet!

Argh, please help me lol. What can I do to avoid getting these kind of jealous scenes? lol. Writing it here, i see its not that bad what i am saying lol... or is it? Is this something that should concern me? I know for a fact she loves me, and she spends every moment with me! but, since this project... she has been spending a lot of time with him, and since our years and faculties are different, we got different schedules... so most times, they end up being free together. Her facebook, geez he is her number 1 fan on that application thingy lol.... they are always wall posting and commenting... DUDES... SHE RARELY EVEN WRITE ON MINE ANYMORE (though, i had told her about this, and currently she is doing the alphabet every day on my profile, she is at T now lol) ! But, i have seen a few posts where he asked if she was free some day, and she was like, nope! that day is reserved for my cupcake (me :P) lol... we had made a date that day lol. His response was nice... but HE STILL WAS FLIRTY!!! Her friends on her facebook too... they always like talking about him, and on some conversations, they talk like... she has a secret crush (its a lot of lolz and chaos in these conversations). But i am thinking, is it possible things like this, cud lead her to like... replacing me? The guy, i spoke to him a few times, and he doesnt seem interested in having a girlfriend right away.. cud it be he is really focussed on schol, or is he **** focussed on ONE girl? >.<

Some extra info: My relationship with her is perfect though. We love each other. sometimes on days she just skips classes to be with me...I skip to be with her. We have dates at least once or twice a week, or every two weeks etc. We confide secrets in each other, and tell everyone's secret to each other lol. so yeah, no doubting this.

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Posted 01 February 2011 - 11:26 AM

Dear Heart_Break_Kid

Anything can happen but from the sounds of things your girlfriend is really making an effort to address any issues that you have in the relationship with her. She wouldn't be making an effort if she was thinking about replacing you with another guy.

You can only really do so much and it's not like your neglecting your boyfriend duties with her. As long as you continue to give it 100 percent and make her feel special then you have nothing to worry about. You only fail at relationships if you get lazy and take the other person for granted. Even if a partner decided to leave you for another person and you have given it your all you can still hold your head up proudly.

In regards to your jealousy there is not much that you can except to find strategies to deal with it. Continue to have a talk to your girlfriend if you feel it creep up on you. Tell her to be honest with you if she is ever unhappy in the relationship. Perhaps you can even befriend the guy so that you know who he is and what he is about. It would be harder to hate someone that you befriend then hate someone that you don't know.

All the best - Bud.

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Posted 16 February 2011 - 04:58 AM

Thanks a lot Bud. You are right... I have done my part, and still do it! Whatever happens, I will know I gave it my all.

Well, we sort of realized we spent too much time together around our friends... u know... like she hanging out with hers, I am there... Me with mine she is there, and they seem to become annoyed that when they want to be with one of us, they got us both. So we have decided to keep apart where friends are concerned. Of course, we know each other's friends... and we hang out and stuff a lot with each other. Sometimes I hang out with her friends when she is not around etc. But basically, we try to maintain a sort of boundary regarding each other's friends. So befriending him, is kind of out of the question... u know what i mean?

I don't know honestly, what causes my jealousy lol. I am cool with her talking to other guys. Once we were in the line at the bank on campus... a long line... and a guy in front of us, just turned and began chatting with her lol. He was so trying to flirt with her... and she just continued it by talking nice and sweet to him lol. And I wass just busy laughing at the way things happen lol. She is frends with him now by the way lol... but he is a year 1... and she finds it cute how year 1s are like so lost in college lol. But the aww she gives him... compared to the one she gives her flirty friend.... IS SO DIFFERENT!!! >.< I dont even get that kind of aww he gets...

And there i go again lol. I guess I will ask him to hang out sometime... get to know him i guess.

Thanks anyways Bud!!

PS: Yesterday was Valentines... HE GAVE HER CHOCOLATES AND A ROSE!!! We met up after our classes to go on a date, and i saw him walking her outside, and she was holding her rose and chocolate!!! Grrrrrrrrrr that idiot lol.

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