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I Thought We Could Be More Than Just Friends

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#1 Guest_ebes_*

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Posted 11 February 2008 - 01:13 PM

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I've been friends with this women for about 5 years and she has always been a friend but recently she got out of a relationship. We have been hanging out or talking almost everyday for about a month as friends. I wanted to tell her that i think that someday i thought we could be more than just friends but when i tried i got nervous and just blurted out asking her if she wanted to go out sometime.

Now she dosent call or wanna hang out like before and all the stuff i have been reading on here says i screwed up. I guess my question is how do i bounce back with her and get back on track, i like this girl alot and i don't wanna just give up and walk away. What should i do?

#2 Guest_Bud_*

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Posted 13 February 2008 - 08:30 PM

Dear ebes

The signs are not good when you ask a girl out and then she withdraws from you completely. It sends out a strong message that she has never really considered you as boyfriend material.

Despite the fact that you have been friends for 5 years her behavior indicates that she has no reservations about walking away from this relationship forever.

To this extent it's going to be hard trying to salvage the friendship yet alone getting her to be your girlfriend.

Being that she has only recently broken up with her boyfriend, it could have been bad timing on your part however the way that she has reacted, shows that she does not want any complications in her life at present.

With you asking her out has made you into a potential complication. By removing you she has removed the problem so to speak. The only way for you to bounce back in this situation is if she lets you.

Unless she is willing to give you another chance by letting you back into her life then there is nothing that you can really do.

Your only option right now is to bide your time and then try to communicate with her again. To see if you can get a few replies to "Hi, how are going etc". and then slowly building up your rapport once more.

Being that she is in a fragile mindset at present it's uncertain how she will react if you try to suggest anything else other than friendship. Although we want to believe that love is possible we have to learn to accept the fact that with certain individuals a "No" means "No" full stop. To therefore persist in trying to court them would just be asking for heartache.

All the best - Bud.

#3 Guest_Dusoppolf_*

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Posted 10 August 2009 - 12:00 PM

Unfortunately we cant make people be who we want them to be. Although Im sure you are thinking if this friend cant be here for you now, you wont be there for them the next time. Well, yes you will. Because you are a special person who takes care of people when they need it. Dont let this make you even more upset. Turn to the friends that will be there for you and dont give this person another thought.

Good luck,

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