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Dating Or Now? Is He Interested In Me?

25 August 2011 - 07:10 PM

Hello there, my cousin told me about this site so I decided I would give it a shot.

So, I recently started college last September, before that, I was in a pre-Biology for 2 years after high school. Finished in May of 2010. There was this guy in my Biology group that I never really spoke with, except when we had group discussions. Over time, he began smiling at me whenever we had other classes together. I would usually smile back, but that was all. At the time, he had a girlfriend. They were always together except of course during Biology lab sessions. I grew a bit into him in the second semester. Most of the group members were too serious but he was more loose and made the work fun. I admit, even I thought of him as a delinquent, but he was really cool, and I just took a bit of liking to his "bad boy" mentality. I never built on it though because of the fact he had a girlfriend, and I could see that she often stared at him kind of angrily whenever he would smile at me when I walked into class. That became all we did eventually because the lab sessions ended and we still had like two to three weeks left before exams.

In September, some of the students from that program happened to be in my same class, including him. He had seen me, and he waved. So I smiled back at him, and he told me it was a while since we last seen each other. I agreed and asked him if he enjoyed the summer and he said that it was good. and well, that was pretty much it because his friends came and began talking to him, and I saw his girlfriend had come too. She was looking a bit inquisitively at me, so I just went back inside. Over the rest of the semester, we began talking a bit more, mainly exchanging notes. We eventually became facebook friends, and from that on msn. During that, I realized he was single, that he and his girlfriend broke up over the summer. They remained friends because they use to be best of friends before back in high school. Then a few nights after he asked me if he could talk to me about something. So i listened, turned out he was going through a bit of a rough patch with his friends. His ex had a new boyfriend, and well, he hated the fact that whenever the lot of them hang out, she would always bring her partner, because she never spent much time with them, and she usually spent all the time with the bf, so it came like they could not have a friendship. He bought it up and apparently his friends all think he is jealous, and it was all they say. So he was going through some difficulty in terms of that.

Anyways, we continued being the same way we were, may have long conversations online, and just greet each other in class or share notes. Final exams came in December. I finished with some time left, so I went outside, and was just waiting around for my friends to come out. Eventually he did with a few minutes left, and he saw me and smiled and waved, so i waved and he came over. So we began talking about the exam and our plans for the holidays. My friends came out and they were on the other end, so I told him to enjoy his Christmas and I was leaving. He sort of shouted to me when I was walking away and he asked me if I would like to go with him to the New Year's Eve party on Campus. He panicked, and he blushed, and added only if i wanted to, and he began stammering and said he was going with his friends, but everyone had dates. He looked really cute though lol so i agreed and told him it would be fun. So we agreed.

He picked me up in the evening and we went together. It was an awesome evening. we had a great time, we talked a lot, got to know each other a lot more, it was fantastic. I enjoyed his company, and he was really a great guy. The only think I noticed, although he danced and stuff with me, He mainly wanted to dance with me whenever his ex went on the floor with her date. Or he would often try to dance in front of his friends and stuff. But with the exception of that, he spent most of the evening with me, and we had a wonderful time. Anyways, for the count down to the new year, we cheered with our glasses. I saw him look across at his ex and his friends, and he seemed a bit down when he saw them kissing their dates. I felt a bit bad, i figured he was down, and I knew he was to shy to even consider kissing me, so I kissed him. He blushed, panicked, he did every cute thing in the book lol, eventually he looked back at me and kissed me, twice actually. It was really nice, then we kissed a bit longer, and he told me Happy new year. So, we had like a few more dances, and eventually we left. He did not really look back at his friends or his girlfriend the rest of the night. So then, we left, he dropped me home. He did not walk me to my door or anything though, he told me in the car he had a great time and to take care. So i went in, and he waited for me to get inside and then he drove off.

Now the complications. He did not call me back for an entire week, although the day after our date, he wrote on his facebook status that he had a brilliant start to the new year thanks to a special someone, and he added, you know who you are. So I knew it was me, at least I hope it was lol. I commented though, had a great time too. He just liked the comment though. Anyways, I saw him online a few days later, he did not message me or say hello. So I was a bit upset that he did not seem to care. So a few days went by, and at the end of the week, he messaged me on msn, said he didn't hear from me in a while, was wondering how i was. We talked a bit and arranged to go out before the new semester started. He fell a bit silent the next few days until the day we had arranged for, he came online in the night to ask me if we were still on. So we went out for lunch, I met him at the Plaza here, and we just had lunch, had a nice talk, and when we were leaving, he hugged me. I texted him to ask if he got home safely, and he just texted back a response, and said "hope you did too, bye". Just ended it, he usually leaves the text open to a response you know. We did not speak for about 3 days after, until he came online and said hello. So we talked all evening that night, and then we fell silent a bit until the night before school, he text me to say he was excited to see me, how he have not seen me in so long, and we finished the night texting back and forth.

Over the new semester, January to May, our relationship grew a lot more than it was before. We were less classmates and spent more time together. we got lunch everyday, or most days together, we spent a lot of time together during breaks. During that time, he began attempting to be more physical, in terms of not only hugging, but he would try to hold my hands, sometimes he would "cuddle" with me when we went to the movies. I get cold really quickly. Whenever I am in the movies, i shiver a bit, even if I have my jacket on. So, he saw me and asked me what was wrong. I said I was cold, and he just put his arms around me and sort of hugged me from the side. It became a sort of normal thing with him. Sometimes he would do it if the weather was too cold and stuff. I also have long hair, that kind of falls over the left side of my face, and he would part it himself and tell me how I should cut it because I am too beautiful for it to be blocking my face.

Anyways, last month for Harry Potter we went opening day, usually, Harry Potter is a common thing with him and his friends, they have seen all. but none of them could have gone opening day, or so he thought. When we were in line, he saw them, and he got pretty down, and his ex was there with her boyfriend. When they saw him and waved he asked me if I would mind if he put his arm around me, so he could show them he had moved on. So I said it was okay, and we did. A couple of his friends came over to give an excuse as to how they came last minute. We stopped "cuddling" and well, he introduced me to them, most of them had already known me though, well, at least who I was or which class I was in. They asked him if we were together, an interesting question, because I had kind of began wondering myself. I had been talking to my friends about it, most of them were wondering the same thing. We presumed he was shy or nervous, but that being said, I initiated the first kiss we ever had. He has never tried to do anything. I mean, sure he hold my hands, but sometimes I do this as well.

He told his friends that we were not, we were just hanging out. I heard him, but I did not really get much chance, as my friends were there and they came to talk to me as well. Eventually the lines began moving, and well, the time had past to sort of bring it up. I was planning to, but we just were so normal after. Then when we were leaving after the movie, his girlfriend and friends came out ahead of us and he put his arm around me again but only for like a second or two. I think he felt a bit shy doing it without asking.

So, yeah... I am kind of wondering what advice will be given to me. I mean, since Harry Potter, we have been going out a lot, actually, the entire summer we been going out, Movies, beach, lunch, dinner stuff like that... but he is just not making the move to the next step. Is he interested in me? Or does he still love his ex? We went to a party a couple of weekends ago, and only when she was around him, or came to talk, he suddenly held my hands and stuff. So i am wondering where do I stand you know. Am i wasting my time hoping for him to ever make a move? What do you guys think?

Most of my friends seem to think i should forget about him, especially since I kissed him, he should have no worries and make the rest of the moves ASAP. And then, he does this whole, "dont care thing where sometimes we go out, and I don't hear from him for a few days... so I am wondering, what do you guys think about this?

Sorry about going into so much length, it has been a long time in the making. Thank you in advance.