A girl i met think of me as a best friend

A girl i met think of me as a best friend A girl i met think of me as a best friend. Now im confused she thinks id be a great boyfriend but then she tells me she wants to be friends. I was under the impression my timming was bad because i asked her right after she got over the other guy. I care about her more than anyhting and she knows it now and is ok with it and we still hang out alot.
I do nice things for her all of the time and when we hang out i pay for everything and am always courteous. I dont know what to do or think. Does she like me and my timming was bad or do i just quit and accept friendship?

I love my best friend, does he love me too?

We can never know for sure, but it sounds to me that she values your friendship a lot, since you guys are so close, and also, the act that things didn’t work out, she could be afraid of losing you. I do think it was a bit too soon.

On the positive, she didn’t REJECT you. You never asked to begin with. You suggested it. You inquired if you two could ever be more than friends, you did not ASK her to be your girlfriend. So, I think you have nothing to worry about. You just got to be her friend, and keep spending time with her. Show her the great guy you are.

So you think you’re in love with my best girl friend

That being said, you can’t keep it up for too long,, else you will become stuck int he friend zone. So my guess is, continue showing her you are there for her, you care. And after a while, you can then bring up your feelings to her. Make sure when you do, you show her you acknowledged when she said she cudnt see you more than a friend.

Like mention to her thatyou know once said you cant see us more than friends, but that being said u know u have a strong friendship, and u are willing to take a chance and tell her how you feel.

Quite often people fall for they’re best friends

So you got that on your side… she didnt turn down your offer, because there was none. She turned down the idea.
If it’s clear that she knows that you like her and she hasn’t done anything about that then it’s probably because she doesn’t feel the same way. In this case to ask her out probably would not be the best idea.

It’s possible that you’re in love with her but only you can answer that question. Quite often people fall for they’re best friends because you tend to know everything about that person and if you’re attracted to those things, well then why not?