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Flirting with a friend: signs that a woman is interested in a man

Question: I’m not sure whether a girl who I know for some time likes me as more than a friend or not. For instance, when I bring up other girls she turns weird, and either stops talking or puts the girl down, depending on how much she knows about her. When we are out at […]

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Do men and women feel the same feelings of love?

Question: I got attracted to a woman who doesn’t have same feelings for me. We really intimate friends for years but never got it into relationship. The only obvious concern is if our friendship will ever get back to a point of being close, with her knowing my feelings at one point and that having […]


How can I make a good romantic relationship with a girl?

Question: I met this girl and I got very attracted to her. At that time she had recently broken up from a relationship, and she wasn’t interested in starting a new one. I told her that I had feelings for her over the internet. Then a little bit down the road, we stopped talking, and […]

Women can flirt naturally but lay it conscious that they’re doing it

Question: I’m in love with my best friend and I think I’ve always had feelings for her. I don’t remember how many times I’ve given her advice on guys, when in fact I wanted to tell her that I was better than that other guy she got attracted to. She means everything to me, but […]