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Is Sex On The First Date A Relationship Killer?

Last weekend I hung out with a guy I’ve known almost my whole life. Our parents were friends, and he’s only a year younger than me. We have at least a few things in common that I know of. Fishing, Camping, etc. We didn’t keep in touch over the years and we were never really […]

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How Do You Know If A Girl Likes You Or Not?

I know everyone is going to laugh so laugh it out. What do women want? Like I think I know what women want, but they all say no here. Like I thought I was reading the signs correctly, but I’m not. I’m just trying to be me. How do you get a girl that you […]


How To Avoid Getting Jealous Scenes With A Girl?

I am not really the jealous type, she has a lot of guy friends, and she goes out with all of em sometimes, and I trust her, and I know she trusts me too. With this guy, I am growing a bit wary. How to stop being jealous and insecure in a relationship? When she […]


I Want To Kiss My Ex-Boyfriend: What Does It Mean?

We broke up a little over a week ago. Mostly because he turned into a rude jerk who ignored me. I brought up the break and told him I was stressed out. And then he followed up by telling me all of my flaws and saying I was awkward. Kissing ex-boyfriend in dream We dated […]


She Won’t Talk To Me After Break Up

I met this girl online 4 months ago, but it’s not long distance. She lives less than an hour away and we hit it off instantly. Same type of humor, interests in music and film etc etc etc and we both knew we were both attracted to one another. We met through Twitter and we […]


Going Through a Divorce with My Wife: I Have Children With her

I’m going through a divorce with my wife with whom I have children with. She’s really the only girl I ever dated, successfully courted, and truly been in love with. Us splitting was her idea, I’ve been resistant to it ever since it started 6+ months ago. A part of me still wishes we’d get […]